15 Meals to Get You From Work To Wineglass In 30 Minutes Or Less

Let me be presumptuous and say that we are all (too!) familiar with the “Waking Up as Suzy Homemaker” days …you know the one…when that inner gourmet chef is gung-ho to try that new recipe (while doing 5 loads of laundry) with:

  • 33 ingredients
  • 19 steps
  • and a marinade that oops, you forgot to apply the night before but are sure you can come up with a quick alternative to.

You can actually see the individual items prepped in your mind in all their…

(tsp – Tbsp – Cup…of…Chopped – Minced – Shaved)

…glory encased in separate little glass containers, just waiting to dive into a saucy concoction that will brew and stew; forcing delicious aromas to waft throughout the house, tickling the tummies of those you love most.

I mean, you even go as far as to grab some heavy cream and a few sprigs of rosemary while on your lunch break (and of course, a bottle of wine you hope to finally enjoy once all are settled for the night).

Then you arrive home, and the day hits you all at once with a whisper in the ear, “Hey you. *yawn.* So tired. How about you call and order that pizza?”


  • the kids are hungry NOW
  • a science project is due the next day
  • someone needs cookies baked for a party (it’s tomorrow, by the way)

Suddenly, there is a serious need for a wormhole that will catapult you from starting dinner to clean/dry dishes finding their home for the night.

At that point, you MIGHT finally get that glass of wine while wearing those fuzzy pajama pants (that is, of course, if you haven’t fallen asleep first).

Yes. Yes. Yes.

Sound good?

Well then, let’s get you there.

Courtesy of your own, hmmm…just call me, Ms. Time Travel.

Drumroll please….

Folks, here it is…15 recipes that will take no more than 30 minutes from start to finish and taste far more delish than the cardboard surprise that rings your doorbell.

Fun Fact: All 15 recipes are tried and true by me and mine!

P.S. what laundry???

15 Meals To Get You From Work To Wineglass In 30 Minutes Or Less

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