Book Blurb-ish: The Plum Tree

I just finished reading “The Plum Tree” by Ellen Marie Wiseman and before I go into my review, I would like to note that this is the 3rd book I have read of hers in the past few months. I tend to binge an author when my initial read by them satisfies my book craving. (The definition of book craving, you ask? For me, it’s more than just a book or a good read…it’s a book that you pulls you into it.) So, it started with “The Life She Was Given”, which led to “What She Left Behind”, bringing me to “The Plum Tree” (which ironically, was her debut novel). How did it take so long for me to find these?

Bravo, Ellen Marie Wiseman, bravo.

I never thought that I would be interested in what I would call historical fiction. Ellen Marie Wiseman makes it relevant for me. History bored me in high school with all its names and facts and dates. I’m the type of person that needs something tangible…something that I can relate to…shoes I can put on and walk in. This author does that for me.

In “The Plum Tree”, Christine Bolz is a young German woman in love with a young Jewish man; becoming an adult in Germany during WWII, at the height of Hitler’s regime. Although I have read and watched movies and documentaries about the Holocaust, I’ve never been so immersed in a story that I felt I was emotionally connected to a period in history. The main character’s resolve, courage and love that she emanates through the horror and inhumanity of war keeps you turning the pages while steadily cheering her on.

Favorite Quote: “I want you to understand something. War makes perpetrators of some, criminals of others, and victims of everyone.”

Stay Tuned. Up Next: After the Party by Lisa Jewell

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