On my home page, I will be posting what I am reading as the Read. portion of my Cook.Read.Laugh. site idea. Backstory….

I have been an avid reader since my eyes were able to translate letters into words. I have always been fascinated by word origins and descriptive paragraphs that cause me to forget who and where I am because I’ve been transported somewhere in my imagination (and sometimes find myself reluctant to return to reality). I’m talking cereal boxes while eating breakfast and my parents old album jacket covers that had the lyrics to all the songs on the record. Seriously, the first thing I ever read was the lyrics to all the songs on an old KC and the Sunshine Band album of my moms. I was 3. I haven’t stopped since then.

I went through all the classics: Heidi, Little Women, Robinson Crusoe, the entire Anne of Green Gables series, all the Nancy Drews I could get my little hands on…seriously, I was a fanatic. Although finding time to read has been harder as I’ve gotten older, I make sure to always have a book on hand. Sometimes I find myself re-reading certain books like Eat, Pray, Love and Gone with the Wind. I get chills just thinking about it.

Anyways, back to my original thought. I have a book list. A serious one. I’m up to approximately 800 books that I want to read and so far I have read about 30 of the books on this list. I used to go to the library and get what books I could; however, the selection was not as robust as my list and late fees accumulate quickly so I wanted to find an alternative. Buying the books didn’t seem like a good idea because, well, quite honestly, I would be broke and my family would have to move out so I would have somewhere to keep all these books.

So I googled “rent books for recreational reading” and I found my new best friend: I am not getting paid to talk about this site and I am not an expert on it but I use it and I am very happy with it and I want to share with anyone who happens to come to website. In a nutshell, Booklender is a book (and audiobook!) rental site where you pay a monthly fee to have books mailed to you and a postage paid envelope comes with it to return the book when ready for another one. Your book queue holds 500 books and when you return one, they send out the next one…the selections and genres are endless. There are unlimited and limited plans both for paperbacks and audiobooks. I chose the unlimited 2 at-a-time plan so I always have a book to read and I pay $17.99 a month. The first month was 50% off and I generally read 3-4 books a month. You can cancel anytime, there are no due dates or late fees and the selections include both new and old titles. For me, it is well worth the $18.

Rewind….back to where we started. The books I post that I’m reading are ones that I get from Booklender (unless nostalgia sets in and I dust off my copy of Gone with the Wind) and I will write a short little book review of each book I read, both to share it with you and to have for my own memory.  

Now, I have a date with my imagination and a hot cup of coffee…back to some page turning 🙂

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